Tackle complex initiatives, scale your impact, and guide teams through tricky transformations


Keeping up with a rapidly changing and increasingly complex world is crucial for a thriving business. You need to continuously evolve in an uncertain environment. It requires building new value and ways of working, while accounting for legacy systems and processes along the way.

You’ve read the articles, bought the books, and listened to interviews with industry leaders. But theoretical approaches aren’t working.

You have big goals and are looking for some guidance, extra hands, and an outside viewpoint with a neutral voice. You need someone who’s been under the hood and understands the challenges of working in highly-connected and constrained environments. Where you need to work with what you have and act quickly to meet the needs of multiple stakeholders. We’re here to help.


Dealing with complexity doesn't have to be complicated.


What if your venture looked like this:

  • Day-to-day actions propel progress toward your dreams of the future
  • Multiple groups are aligned around and energized by the same mission
  • Ideas that will best leverage your limited resources are consistently identified, prioritized, and selected
  • You have a full picture of current and potential investments
  • Investments build on each other with limited rework
  • The organization can adapt quickly and elegantly
  • Team members confidently deal with issues involving technology, business, and policy
  • The organization can tackle highly valuable, complex, and risky changes
  • Meetings are fun and employees are excited to come to work
  • Your organization converts its uniqueness, research, and insights into better customer value and thought leadership in your industry

This future is possible sooner than you might think, with the right actions, systems, and mindset.

Recharted Territory helps clients unlock value and overcome challenges through discovery and design techniques drawn from systems engineering, agile, human-centered design, and enterprise architecture. The approach covers a holistic view of people, process, technology, and politics and a full-stack perspective from strategic to tactical.

A broad approach with targeted dives enables clients to reliably identify opportunities and red flags, leading to short-term tactical wins and long-term strategic plans for success.


NON-PROFITS HIRE US to help them achieve their vision by leveraging limited resources to transform their business and supporting technology.

IT DIRECTORS HIRE US to help provide a holistic and scalable viewpoint to complement digital transformation efforts.

CEOs HIRE US to help their organization align around strategic goals and break down high-value/high-complexity initiatives (without sacrificing autonomy and speed).

INDIVIDUALS HIRE US to help plan out ways they can make a difference without having “official” authority.

TECHNICAL CONSULTANTS HIRE US to help their clients define the business they want to build and the role that technology can play.


How we work together

Our approach focuses on complex systems analysis & design, portfolio process consulting & management, and workshop facilitation. Recharted Territory is based near Washington, D.C. but we also serve remote clients. The combination of services can be customized to fit needs, and we’re ready to help you with on-going support or a one-time project. 

 Services are typically delivered via the following offerings:

Path to Portfolio™

Setting up sustainable systems to identify and deliver value

Every single day you invest resources with the goal of amplifying the value of your work. Sometimes you need outside help to jump-start or revamp your portfolio approach.

Our signature Path to Portfolio™ program includes setting up the tools, habits, and culture to tackle and manage complex initiatives with agility. This is the most in-depth engagement option, and we’ll spend a lot of time together in order to understand your business, create an action plan, and work alongside you every step of the way.

We’ve seen what works (and what doesn’t) as companies scale agile and apply portfolio management. We also know that while many challenges are similar, aspects of your organization are unique so we’re prepared to work with you to design a plan that fits both your immediate needs and long-term goals.

By the end of the full program you’ll have:

  • A centralized knowledge base for tracking your portfolio and improvements to your business
  • Teams that can quickly identify and deliver value
  • An organization that can break down, plan, and execute on high-value, high-complexity initiatives
  • A culture of experimentation for learning and adapting
  • Systems for making decisions based on quantitative and qualitative insights
  • A vision and roadmap for your enterprise to align short-term work with long-term goals
  • Custom training materials for onboarding new team members


Business architecture & systems engineering support

From complexity to clarity, quickly

Recharted Territory can help fill the gap between strategy and execution, set up a knowledge base and build out useful artifacts until you’re ready to transition to in-house resources. This is the “what” to support the “how” that is covered in Path to Portfolio™.

Workshop facilitation

Meetings that are fun and productive

Workshops with lean outcomes make up the Path to Portfolio™, and we also offer individual workshops to help explore a problem space, create a roadmap, run release planning, or work through an entire Enterprise Design Sprint. More than just facilitation, we can help you complete analysis as well. This is great for organizations that want to learn by doing. We’ll work with you to design a workshop that meets the needs of your team and the context of your business. 

“Lisa makes release planning both interactive and fun. Her hands-on approach engages every team member, which creates more buy-in and results in a better product. I especially enjoy how she combines digital and practical tools during planning – from spreadsheets to stickies and markers. Her deep knowledge of frameworks and methodologies provide an excellent counterbalance to her hands on planning approach, making her simultaneously strategic and tactical.”

Kim White, Product Manager


Let's get started

We currently have a handful of spots for ongoing service clients and would love to chat with you about your needs and goals. 

Schedule a free 30-minute consult to kick off the process. You'll be able to pick a date and time that works best for you and cancel or reschedule at any time.

During the first call, we'll discuss your needs, answer your questions, and outline the next steps if we're a mutual fit. 


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Other opportunities


Speaking engagements

Realistic inspiration

Lisa here. If you're looking for a speaker to share practical tips for tackling transformation in complex environments, I'm happy to customize content for your audience. Contact me if you’re interested in chatting more.


Emerging value

We’re always on the lookout for interesting people working on impactful projects. Reach out with anything else you have in mind.