Unravel complexity. Identify value. Amplify your impact. 

About Recharted Territory

Katniss had Haymitch. Rocky had Micky. Luke had Yoda. Every visionary needs a voice in her ear; an ally at his side. You’re no different.

You see problems, in your job, your community, and the world, and because you’re an awesome human being with a greater sense of purpose, you won’t stop ‘til you solve them. But with technology, people, and processes in the mix, things can get pretty complicated. We’re here to make navigating complex systems simpler.

How? We’ll start by looking at your “what” your “when,” your “why,” and, most importantly, your “how.” Really, truly, how. General advice is good for inspiration. But if you’re here, you’re ready to roll up your sleeves, get detailed, and get things started. So are we.

Whether you’re working in the belly of a bureaucracy or are trying to change a system from the outside, we’ll give you the tools and support you need to take baby steps toward your big difference. That means:

• worksheets that give you nuts and bolts guidance
• templates to streamline your processes
• tips for building a coalition
• techniques for scaling impact
• terms unpacked of their jargon
• prescriptive advice to help you over your daily hurdles
• options for customized support
• and community, don’t forget community!

So, forget the red tape, forget the complete departmental buy-in, forget the shiny “ideal” plan. You want to make a difference? Let’s look at what you have, who you have, and make it work, little by little. Starting now.

About the founder

Hi, I'm Lisa Schlecht. Originally from Massachusetts with a background in engineering from MIT, I've worked on innovation projects across the Western Hemisphere. As an analyst, engineer, and consultant I've used a systems perspective to approach challenges ranging from appropriate technology and innovation policy to product design processes and enterprise customer relationship management. 

With interests spanning technology, design, complex systems engineering, and organizational change in difficult environments I was able to find great resources but never found one that completely "got me." That understood the challenges my teammates and I were facing and answered all of our questions.

So in August 2015, I decided to create this site, a place for people who like to solve "wicked problems," dive into the unknown and tackle challenges and environments that other people say are "impossible."

Part notebook, part adventure guide, Recharted Territory is a collection of resources, tools, techniques, reviews, and reflections on lessons learned while analyzing and improving complex systems. Whether you prefer browsing the knowledge base or reaching out for customized support, I hope the info shared here helps all of you problem solvers in your endeavors to rechart and reimagine existing systems.