How to create a roadmap from scratch3

How to create a roadmap from scratch

Why follow someone else’s path when you can create your own?

So you’ve got an idea of where you’re trying to go with your vision, you’ve defined a bunch of potential business model plays you could try out, and you figured out the relative value of your options using a framework.

The next step is to start organizing your business plays, features, or projects into a roadmap or set of multiple roadmaps that you could choose to go down.

These slides will take you through:

  • What a roadmap is
  • Why you need one
  • The parts of a roadmap
  • A step-by-step process for making one
  • Tips for how to use your roadmap to make decisions along the way



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To achieve great things two things are needed; a plan and not quite enough time.

– Leonard Bernstein

How will you use your roadmap to achieve great things?


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