Uncover enterprise blockers and realize your vision faster

Uncover enterprise blockers and realize your vision faster

You want to help your organization manage complexity and better leverage resources to make faster progress toward your vision.

The organization does a lot of things well and you work with great people. Yet something is holding you back.

But what exactly is off? What needs to change?

Dig into where you are right now and uncover what’s working (and not working) in your organization with this free reflection tool.

Try it by yourself first to sort out your own thoughts. Then share the workbook with others in your team to reveal their perspective and start a conversation in your organization.


How it works

We all spend plenty of time staring at screens. So this workbook is meant to be printed out, written and doodled on with real ink. Find some quiet time to dive into it yourself at your desk or in a coffee shop. Or gather a group in a conference room to fill out the worksheets and discuss the results.

Use the prompts to reflect on where your organization is right now. You can use the open space underneath each question to jot down examples, quotes, insights, ideas, action items, or notes about where coworkers have differing opinions.

At the end, you’ll reflect on your overall takeaways. Finally, you’ll hone in on a few action steps to take right away.

Afterwards, keep the completed workbook in a safe place and reference it every six months to track what’s changed, celebrate your growth, and identify what to work on next.


What was your biggest takeaway after completing the workbook?

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