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Customized support to help you unlock value and overcome challenges in complex systems and enterprises.

Recharted Territory services include: 

Complex systems analysis and design

Creating as-is and to-be artifacts, from initial problem statement through vision, epic, feature, and roadmapping.

Portfolio process consulting and management

Setting up sustainable systems and processes to consistently define and expose value. Experience with Scaled Agile transformations.


Short-term workshops on topics such as Enterprise Design Sprints.

 Serving the Washington, D.C. metro area and remote clients. The combination of services can be customized to fit needs. Short-term and long-term engagements are possible. 


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For Change Analysts

You're just starting or switching careers and want to learn more about the basics of systems analysis & design.

For Change Architects

You've been working for a while as an analyst, engineer, or designer but want to take on more complex problems and a leadership role.

For Change Veterans

You've successfully improved complex systems and came out the other side intact. You're looking for community and inspiration.