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Choose custom guidance, DIY resources, or a blend of both.


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Support to help you unlock value and overcome challenges in complex systems and enterprises.

Recharted Territory services include:

Complex systems analysis and design

Break down initiatives and make progress quickly. Support for exploring the current and future state, from the initial problem to visioning and roadmapping.

Portfolio process consulting and management

Build sustainable systems and processes to consistently define and deliver value. Experience with Scaled Agile transformations.

Workshop facilitation

Learn new techniques while making progress toward your goals. Designed for balancing alignment and action in complex environments.

 Serving the Washington, D.C. metro area and remote clients. The combination of services can be customized to fit needs. Short-term and long-term engagements are possible. 



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Quickly gain traction on high-value/high-complexity initiatives



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For Change Analysts

You're curious about multi-disciplinary problems and want to learn more about the basics of systems analysis & design.

For Change Architects

You've been working for a while as an analyst, engineer, designer, or manager but want to take on more complex problems and leadership roles.

For Change Veterans

You've successfully improved a complex system and came out the other side intact. As a leader, you aspire to build sustainable processes so that your enterprise continuously transforms. 


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System design is the new product design. Hear about new offers before anyone else plus get access to a free resource library with worksheets, excel templates, and other goodies to save you time and stress while transforming complex systems.