Gift ideas for changemakers3

Gift ideas for changemakers

With the holidays around the corner, what will you get the change ninjas or changemakers-in-training on your list? Check out these gift ideas and maybe share the list with your network to drop a few hints. With items to help them build their dream, multitask, or relax, you’ll hopefully find inspiration for all of your friends, family members, and co-workers who are working to make the world a better place.


1. Athletic gear that makes a difference

For the athletic changemaker, every purchase from Janji funds one year of clean water for someone in another country. The apparel is organized into collections by country. For example, if you buy an item in the Peru collection, you’ll be funding one year of clean water for someone in Peru. The patterns reflect the countries they are supporting so it’s a great way to add some variety to someone’s closet while helping others.


2. Sketchbook & pens

A book with blank pages is more flexible for mind mapping, process modeling, and drawing plans to fix the world. Pair it with some Staedtler pens for a little more color.

The Evernote Sketchbook from Moleskine allows you to take pictures of your sketches via the Evernote app and upload them to your account so you can search them and tag them as needed. If your recipient/giftee is a pro at Adobe Creative Cloud there’s also a sketchbook that allows them to upload their sketches to the cloud for further tweaking.


3. Nerdy pajamas

Gift them a unique set of PJs for curling up by the fire during the cold winter. Pair a fun t-shirt with a normal bottom or check out these pre-made sets for women or men.


4. Supplies for building an oasis

The typical changemaker probably spends a lot of time thinking about others so give them something luxurious that they would love to have but wouldn’t buy themselves. The more it ups the oasis factor, the better. Think candles, luxury electronics, spa time, and cozy throws.


5. Coffee mug

Cause sometimes caffeine is the only thing that will help a changemaker push through. I love this one for those put-your-head-down-and-create-something days. There’s also one for tea drinkers.


6. Technical or business books

Who doesn’t want to unwrap a new book during the holidays? Check out the books in the Recharted Territory reading list or give them a gift card for Amazon or Audible.


7. In-person classes, meetups and conferences

With everything that’s available online now, paid in-person events are the type of thing that many people might not justify buying for themselves but they would love to attend. Make the choice easier by funding it for them and making it a bonding experience. You could gift a meetup that the two of you will attend and pay for their cover charge.


8. Culinary vacation in a box

For changemakers who love to travel but don’t get to as often as they’d like, Try the World subscription boxes are a great gift. Every two months they send a new box of curated goodies from a different country along with some recipes and information about that country’s culture.


9. Mall in her house

Stitch Fix is a great resource for the busy changemaker-fashionista. Every month or few weeks the assigned stylist sends a box of five personalized items for the recipient to try on and then either purchase or return. Cause going to the mall and picking out your own clothes? #aintnobodygottimeforthat


10. Changemaker care package

Pick a combo of the above ideas and wrap them in the same box or basket. Throw in some post-its, a few healthy or not-so-healthy snacks, some beverages, and an inspirational quote.


I hope this list helped inspire your gift list. Any other ideas to add?



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